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I’m Flora. I’m 16 and I love reading, baking, cooking and listening to music.

Why did I decide to create Bakering?
Bakering was formed in because of a realisation of a skill that most teenagers lacked: Most people of my age would rather go out to eat as they didn’t know how to cook for themselves.*

 As a child, I was fortunate to be brought up in an environment where my parents who have great taste and therefore always brought me to try out different cuisines and restaurants. However, even though every time I tried out all these amazing dishes, I had only thought about how they were created but never had the drive to go and research-how were these cakes made?

Whilst I was talking to some older university students, I realised how many teenagers of this generation had great academic results and were incredibly intelligent, but lacked these basic survival skills of cooking which made them so reliant on going out to eat. I found it very sad that most of my classmates would resort to fast-food whenever we went out and I decided that it was time I made sure I wouldn’t have to survive on Ramen/Instant Noodles in University.

Therefore, my new years resolution of 2014 was to learn some basic cooking skills-starting from easy baking into developing more complicated main meals. I decided to document this journey on this blog and at first it was just a personal way of recording the but in this process, I truly discovered a passion to bake. I felt that not only was this a great way to improve my cooking skills but the best part was being to able to see so many other bloggers out there all over the world, to learn from them and their cooking backgrounds, whilst sharing my baked products and getting reviews from my classmates.

I’ll modestly put it out there that I’m just an amateur baker, but here, I hope you can find easy renditions of recipes which provide you inspiration and I hope you enjoy exploring this blog.

Thank you.

*This may not be common in western countries but in Hong Kong where I am from, most children do not have to cook as Hong Kong has a large amount of families who depend on domestic helpers to cook and clean the house, whilst their parents work. Therefore, this is a common condition for most Hong Kong kids.

If you have any questions about any recipes or anything in general even books, music, please contact me below.

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36 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Haha… Love this bio. I’m sorry, I’ve looked at two of your recipes so far, and they’re both impressive, so I”m going to respectfully disagree and argue that you are an excellent cook, a wonderful talent in the kitchen. And second… you are rambling to a rambler. 🙂 We will get along just fine. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for 2014!!

  2. Hello, Flora! Nice to meet you here in blogosphere world. I just want to say that I’ve looked and read at your posts and I’m convinced that you got “it” girl! 🙂 Thanks for the follow. Keep blogging. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Flora. I guess I would still be considered a “newbie” in blogosphere world. I started July of last year. There is so much to learn. Blogging is a lot of work, but a lot fun as well. Just hang in there and keep blogging. You are doing fine. 🙂

  3. Flora, I really like your blog. The header photos are great! You are so talented at such a young age. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I found yours! I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

  4. Hey, young girl what a fantastic ‘About’ you’ve got here. Love the photos, love the blog, love the enthusiasm! I have a 15-year old who I’m showing this to in the morning. Best of luck and stay happy. I see great things in your baking future…
    50-year old, newbie blogger and terrible baker

  5. I am new to blogging and have been looking at a variety of blogs on a number of different subjects – I LOVE your blog. It looks amazing, your photos are great and your recipes look really yummy! I am definitely going to be giving them a go 🙂

  6. Well the bio page is a great start. Thank you so much for the follow only own blog, really appreciated. Your enthusiasm is great to see, I am a bit like that when cooking myself 😃. Will now look at more of your cute blog, MM 🍀

  7. Hi Flora! Your blog is amazing! All the pictures look absolutely professional *.* I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes! All the best with blogging too!

  8. I love your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you are interested in participating, just follow the link and it will explain the steps you need to take.


    This award may increase exposure for you and your blog, if that is of interest to you. And apologies if it isn’t something that you would like to participate in. Stay in touch. Lydia

    1. Haha! I agree-once I planned to make this pomegranate panna cotta, and me being the stupid person who was lazy to find space in the chiller just stuffed the panna cottas in the freezer, and guess what they became sorbet! 🙂

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