A Confession on Exclamation Marks & My Thoughts on a Plate | Citrus Madeleines

Hello there,

Before you dismiss this as another one of my grammatically incorrect, overly enthusiastic and slightly egotistical blog posts where I tend to get carried away with my fabrication of amazing baked goods, please do try to read this post, just for once…


With my growing obsession for coffee over the past year and a half, I’ve learnt to love sitting alone with a cup of coffee along with something to munch on, whilst studying late at night. With these solitary yet enjoyable coffee sittings, I’ve been thinking doubtfully not only about my future and the decisions I’ve had to make as well as the future of this blog…

At the end of each school term/semester, I’m always told to reflect on my work and to set a few “SMART” targets for the next term in order to improve my work. I used to hate these reflections because in all honesty, I highly doubted that they ever worked. Most students (that I knew of) would just write these targets for the sake of writing them and just move on to the next term and forget that they ever set those useless targets. However, for once, I decided to actually reflect and to test out if it would work by conducting a reflection of this blog.


Over the past two months, I’ve regrettably been unable to post that much as my IGCSE’s continue to approach closer each day. However, I’ve grown increasingly worried about my grades, particularly in English because my mock grades were quite far off from my predicted grades. I decided to take out all the recent pieces of writing that I have done over the past couple of months including posts on this blog. And… I hate to say this but it’s funny how when I look at my analytical pieces of work in contrast to my blog writing, its pretty hilarious. I can’t help but cringe at my lack of eloquence and the fact that I write alike my fictitious “5 year old cousin” which I refer to whenever something is unbelievably juvenile.

I admit, I’m not the next Leo Tolstoy who can write billions of words on the most mundane topics like War and Peace without breaking a sweat, but really Flora, what were you thinking by adding all those exclamation marks? I have a feeling that if we made all the exclamations marks on the page red, we’d turn the screen into a polka dot pattern except with exclamations marks instead of polka dots. I’m sorry that I probably wrote like this overly-excited-amateur-baker-on-a-sugar-high. In reality, if I spoke the way I wrote this blog, I would probably end up scaring away everyone but honestly, despite the impression I might portray on this blog, I can actually be mature at times…

I have 2 years left of secondary school before moving on to university. If my university professors ever saw this exclamatory side of me, I can’t even bear to imagine what they would think of me!!

Oh no. Scratch that Flora, you can’t use exclamation marks. Stay calm. You’ve made an extremely bad habit of adding unnecessary exclamation marks.


Looking back I can’t help but laugh shamefully at what I wrote. Really… what was I thinking? Bakering? What does that even mean? My heart winces ever so slightly at my immature style of writing on this blog which would probably cause my English teacher to faint at the sight of… (not that I would really mind if she fainted, but that’s a story that I would save for another blog post). I think I wrote in such an animated style beacuse I read somewhere that the use of colloquial language would help reach out to a wider audience and would appear to be more friendly and welcoming. All I know now is how much of an idiot I’ve been. Why should I care (that much) about what people think towards the way I write? Therefore, I am writing this at ease; letting this stream of consciousness flow without a second thought of doubt in attempt to make this a bubbly post. I am writing for no one but for this blog in my slightly sarcastic and cynical way. I think that its just all part of growing up and realizing that you shouldn’t adjust to people but instead be yourself –>no matter how over-used this phrase is.

In finality, I think that is it for today and thank you for reading to my attempt at self-deprecating humour and getting a glimpse of the thoughts I had whilst drinking a cup of coffee and devouring citrus madeleines.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.41.10 pm

Citrus Madelines
Time: 2 hours
Servings: 12 Madeleines

100g Butter
100g Icing Sugar
40g Fine Almond Flour
40g Plain Flour
3 egg whites
1 tsp of Maple Syrup or Honey
1 lemon
3/4 cup Lemon Curd (optional)

1) Melt the butter in a saucepan at low heat. When the butter is fully melted, set aside in a bowl to cool.
2) Meanwhile, sieve the dry ingredients (icing sugar, almond flour and plain flour) twice through a fine mesh sieve to incorporate as much air as possible. Whisk lightly to combine.
3) Whisk the three egg whites by hand until doubled in volume and foamy-do not whisk until the soft peak stage.
4) Whilst whisking, gradually incorporate the dry powder mixture slowly until a homogenous mixture is formed.
5) Gradually whisk the melted butter and maple syrup into the egg white mixture.
6) Zest 1 whole lemon and juice 1/2 a lemon. Place the zest and juice into the madeleine batter and lightly stir until evenly combined.
7) With the left over butter that is left on the bowl, use a pastry brush and brush it into the madeleine moulds. Dust the moulds with flour until evenly coated-tap out the excess flour.
8) Spoon the madeleine batter into the moulds until almost full. You will use pretty much all the batter.
9) Place the tray of madeleines into your fridge and chill for a minimum of 1 hour. After 30 mins of chilling, preheat your oven to 200 C.
10) Bake your madeleines for 12-15 minutes until the edges turn golden brown and the cake is firm but slightly bouncy at the touch. There should be a small hump at the lower wider part of the madeleine shell. Serve warm or cooled.
11) You can eat these plain or pipe lemon curd into the madeleines or scrape them on the side like I did- I think that the ridges in the madeleine shell are alike the ridges in pasta (made to hold sauce) so I save myself the effort of piping the curd.

If you’re still reading down here, thank you! You are very patient to listen to this rambler go on until now!
I like to believe that these thoughts are mirrored on my plate of madeleines with coffee. The tangy sour lemon curd and madeleines mirror my sour thoughts towards my blog but the floral scented raspberries though sour, are the ‘dandelions in the spring’ that remind us of a new beginning.

Last but not least, I hope you like this writing style where I share an anecdote which brings in my recipe! I know this is sort of structure is similar to the Pen and Palate blog but hopefully you like my new take on blog writing!

Adapted from the one and only,
Joel Robuchon


3 thoughts on “A Confession on Exclamation Marks & My Thoughts on a Plate | Citrus Madeleines

    1. Haha thank you! I get told that I put a lot of pressure on myself quite often and I tend to stress out a lot, but it’s all about balancing pressure and fun! If there was an analogy in which me and my friends were different tools within a kitchen, I would be a pressure cooker without a doubt! And by the way, thank you so much for commenting consistently on my blog, it’s really great to receive feedback and everything and I can’t be more grateful about the tiny bouts of support from you and the other fellow bloggers, who just make my day just slightly brighter!

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