Day 7~Paris!

Hello there,


Le Centre Pompidou.


Blue Pools by Sarah Morris. I actually analyzed this piece of Art 2 years ago for my art class and seeing it person instead of google images was pretty amazing.


Light is a wonderful form of art in itself.


I agree, la vie est belle.


My last lunch in Paris: Gigoton d’agneau avec la ratatouille.




Cheese Ravioli




Crêpes-Banane et Nutella.


Chocoffee Icecream cup which was covered in this immense amount of whipped cream.


Last but not least… LADURÉE at the airport!!


Ladurée is by far the best macaron brand in my opinion-each of their macarons with their rich intense flavours that are not overpoweringly sweet which most macarons tend to be.


This part was really sad to write because I couldn’t believe that my time in Paris had gone by so fast.


This was the perfect ending. Paris, I love you. Je t’aime.


One thought on “Day 7~Paris!

  1. Dear Flora, Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful trip in Paris! its really fantastic to see all the beautiful photographs you have taken! Especially, you have shared with us your great personal touches and acute sense of appreciation to the myriad details and beauty of this unique city ! In my opinion, its really more enjoyable to follow it than to watch many other tourists TV productions. Think you have made this trip very worthy! Surely, many will be surprised to find this travel log was created by a 15 year old girl! really well-done ! and please keep it up !

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