Kasutera (Castella) Cake!

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I’m not the biggest fan of cakes out there… aside from cheesecake. But, I really do love cakes that are really soft, spongy and moist cakes-this is my favourite types of cake texture which I’m sure you all will love too 😉

Yesterday, I had to fortune of not being able to go to school because a Typhoon 8 signal was held! So in this bleak, stormy, rainy day, I decided that I had to do some baking that would go with tea to warm me up! Because of the weather, the lighting wasn’t that good therefore these photos aren’t the best quality but anyways, I would like to present to you this Japanese classic- Kasutera Cake!


Kasutera Cake was introduced to Japan by Portugese Merchants who called this the ‘Bread of Castile’ also known as ‘Pao de Castela’. The factor that really defines this cake from normal cakes is that the spongy moist cake texture is achieved not by using butter and cake flour and raising agents, but bread flour and heavily aerated eggs!  I used to love buying these cakes at the airport whenever I would go to Japan but I finally decided that it was time I discovered the secret to making these beautifully springy cakes!


Kasutera/Castella Cake is flavoured with honey and uses bread flour, eggs and sugar traditionally but in this case I decided to flavour mine with maple syrup because I just happened to not have any honey. I would love to try this out with different types of natural sweetners e.g. agave syrup and compare the results! This cake complimented the green tea perfectly well… but without further ado: Here is the recipe!

3 eggs-separated into egg whites and egg yolks *Must be at room temperature*
60g Bread Flour-sift this through two times before using
60g Caster Sugar
1 tsp warm water with 1 tbsp Maple Syrup or Honey

Preheat your oven to 160C
Line your rectangular loaf tin with baking/parchment paper
In a large bowl, beat the egg whites to soft peaks before gradually adding the caster sugar to make a meringue. Beat this till the egg whites are at a stiff peak consistency.
Add the egg yolks 1 at a time and using a whisk, whisk in one direction till the egg yolks are combined.
Add the honey and water mixture and whisk again-in the same direction used to whisk the egg yolks
Separate the flour into two portions and sift one half of the flour to the mixture and whisk before doing the same for the remaining half
On a stable surface, Drop/ *softly* bang your bowl on the surface to get rid of any large air bubbles
Using a spatula, scrape the cake batter from the sides and fold inwards whilst spinning the bowl for 30 secs and then drop your bowl again to get rid of excess bubbles several times
Repeat the step above two more times
Pour the cake batter into the loaf tin at a height e.g. 10-15cm so that the air bubbles pop as you pour the mixture in
When all the mixture is poured in, tap your loaf tin against your work surface two or three times and run your spatula in a zig zag line in your cake mixture to remove any remaining air bubbles
Bake on a low rack in the oven on your 3rd or 4th rack for 30-35 mins-when you touch the surface of your cake, there should be a springy sound of aerated eggs.
Leave to cool on a wire rack for 5 minutes and then wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate for 12 hours or more for the optimum spongy texture
When ready to serve, take it out and cut into squares/sizes of your choice.


Adapted from the Kitchen Tigress



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