Tokyo! Day 1~2

Hello there!

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I’ve just looked back on the last time I’ve updated and it’s been a short while…, and I’m falling quite behind on my blogging goals D:

But, I’ve got an excuse because… I’m in Tokyo! I’m here with my mum and I’m quite the Tokyo fan, I’ve visited this place 20 times yet I’m still 14! (I’m not japanese and have no relatives here, so you get the idea) πŸ˜›

Tokyo is a great placeΒ to go on holiday in my opinion as the food here is absolutely amazing! Shopping and other theme parks like Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are worth visiting along with other traditional Japanese landmarks and cultural experiences like seeing the Sakura Flowers etc. Please please please do consider it an option to go on holiday, especially during autumn and spring as the weather is super nice!

Though the next few posts are not going to be recipes unfortunately, I hope that by sharing the various meals that I’ve eaten will help those who may consider going here for vacation or provide inspiration for other food blogs just like it did for me!

Day 1:

*Airplane meals don’t really count, I’m sorry*

Moving on…

Day 2:
We went to a Japanese-styled Restaurant that served fusion food! The food was vegetable/health based, used Japanese styled ingredients to produce relatively western dishes! This place was called Green Grill in Shibuya and it’s a sub-branch to the famous fast food diner in Japan-MOS burger. If you’ve never tried it, do search it up! It has really unique burgers e.g. a rice burger!

Anyways, we ate their classic set with a salad and a main course of choice-my mum went with the fish whilst I went with the curry and last but not least the dessert was the highlight-a trio of vegetable based desserts! All were guilt-free food with delicious flavours that sparked on our taste buds!


First was our salad with fresh greens, colorful fruits that were all presented very beautifully. Compared to the traditional caesar and balsamic vinegar dressings; japanese style (ε’Œι£Ž, pronounced wafu) dressings are a special alternative. For those who haven’t tried this, it’s made from rice vinegar, soy sauce giving it slightly sour edge and with a balancing, aromatic sesame dressing, they make the classic japanese styled salad combo!

This was a mini fish pot that contained a refreshing and light broth with various vegetables e.g. small potatoes, cherry tomatoes, japanese cabbage and a herbed fish and clams. The fish was tender and for those who aim for a lighter meal, should definitely choose this out of the other heavier main course options.


Then this was my Japanese styled curry with roasted vegetables. Compared to the classic indian curries, the Japanese tone down the spiciness by anding slightly sour flavours with e.g. tonkatsu sauce which is similar to worcestershire and they also enhance the flavours of the tomato based curry sauce. This curry was absolutely amazing along with grilled pumpkin, artichokes, sweet potatoes and egg plants, tender pork fillet and a five grain Jap (I’m actually quite tired of typing “japanese” let’s shorten it) rice, this was another great dish.

But lastly the highlight out of this was… the amazing dessert trio which is of course, the header photo of this post!


First of all we have green tea cake on the left side, and this was drizzled with salted caramel sauce yum! But we haven’t got to the other parts yet: Next we have a pumpkin and carrot panna cotta which was absolutely stunning-both the presentation was good and this dessert had a pistachio and almond flake tuile as a garnish which added crunch to the texture. Lastly on the right side, we have a beautifully milky coconut sherbet which complimented the other two richer flavours with it’s fresh delicate creaminess! Overall, I found the concept of using vegetables (savory things) in desserts (sweet things) a very interesting and innovative idea! Honestly, when I see the classic banana cakes, or chocolate puddings, it just gets so boring and when something unique and special like this pops out at you, your whole perspective on food just receives a huge twist-now, I’m complentating on using sweet ingredients to make traditionally savory dishes!

Okay, this post is kind of getting too long for me so I’ll try to keep things concise!

Dinner is up!

My mum and I have friends who are living here in Tokyo and I’d love to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to: Hirose-san, Wakako-san, Naomi-san and Sayako-san (sorry if it’s spelt wrong)! Thank you for taking us to a very special Jap tavern in Shinjuku! Japanese taverns are also known as 居酒屋 pronounced Izakaya, and they are traditionally restaurants owned by families and are passed on each generation. This was a modern version on a high-rise office building that served exquisite food that gave me an eye-opener to what do Jap people really eat!

I mean come on, I highly doubt Japanese people eat sushi all the time, though it’s stereotyped that way! I bet Italian’s don’t eat pizza all the time either! Anyways, let’s just get back on topic…

So okay! In the order of the photos uploaded these are the dishes we ate:
A mini cup of potato soup served along with small dishes of preserved japanese vegetables, A trio of sashimi, a japanese styled salad, a japanese soft tofu dish, a pork, potato and cabbage based soup dish, two types of japanese styled rice bowls-one was with beef and the other was with uni (sea urchin)-this tasted absolutely amazing with sake marinated rice! Next came the vegetable pancakes with a vinegar like sauce, a chicken skewer on a wooden/bamboo tube with a very spicy wasabi lime sauce, japanese dumplings also known as gyoza which were served with a reddish wine and sesame sauce, a turnip cylinder which was served with an interesting plum sauce and spicy fried tofu in a stone wok bowl that contained tiny shrimps and was also another one of my favourites! Last came the dessert which was like a strawberry trifle without the custard replaced by japanese black sesame mochi and we also had black bean icecream too!

Well, now do I realize how much I ate as that is quite a long list! By the way, don’t worry, that amount of food was for 6 people! Haha! πŸ™‚

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to upload all the photos but here are some of the main highlights and they’re in order in which they were eaten!





Oh and by the way, the view of tokyo from that place was absolutely amazing:


Once again, thank you so much to Wakako-san, Naomi-san, Sayako-san, and especially Hirose-san for finding this Izakaya! We hopefully shall visit Japan soon! Thank you so so much!  ❀  ❀ ❀

It’s rather late in Japan at the moment and my mum’s starting to get annoyed with me because my laptop screen is bright and just disturbing her! Ugh! πŸ˜‰ Β I’ll upload the next few days very very soon! I promise! πŸ™‚


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