ZEN Organic Farm Trip

Hello there!

This is slightly late, and this was what I did on the day that Bakering had hit 1K…


Yep, you’ve got it right… I visited a farm!

The ZEN farm located in Hong Kong (well I guess you know where I’m from now ;)) is an organic farm that specializes in catering vegetables, fruits-especially strawberries and edible flowers!


Being a typical city dweller, all most of us are accustomed to is just going to the supermarket and grabbing the pre-packaged food… But have we ever wondered how they became those perfect plastic packets?


Well… I’ve been given an insight and I personally wish that though I live in the city, if only I had a little garden vegetable patch, how wonderful would it be to grow herbs or fruit for my desserts… However, if that means having worse wifi I would chose wifi over it ;))


We picked Japanese salad leaves, strawberries and we got to see unique species of vegetables e.g kale, purple cauliflowers and cheese cauliflowers!


I’ve finally realized something horrifying too… It’s that manufacturers and farmers spray sugar/glucose solutions on their strawberries so the berries absorb the sugar and become artificially sweet :00 I’m glad that at this farm I could truly taste the berry flavours that are normally buried deep under the sugary sweetness…

I guess that’s it for today, Β and I’m sorry if this is boring for you… The next post will be a recipe post for sure and will hopefully be soon!



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