Hello there! 

I’ve so far made about 5 posts in these past 2 weeks and I’m really thankful for the follows I’ve got-basically a follow a day! I never imagined people would even follow this blog, especially since I just planned on making this a personal blog! It’s been crazy to be getting views from places on the other side of the world! So THANK YOU!! 

 I just wanted to mention that not all my posts would be about recipes and some would be basically be posts of me recording down cooking facts, etc.! 

I was wondering if you all had any ideas for what you wanted me to do because I’d love to do some things that other blogs you follow aren’t covering! 

Here are some of my ideas but please do add to them in the comments!! 

1) Following the world food days e.g. september 26th is world pancake day, etc.

2) Doing things according to the seasons and special dates-valentines, etc.! 

3) Focus more on baking desserts than savory-I’ve seen a lot of savory blogs!


Please do let me know, I can’t wait to hear some of your ideas!! 



2 thoughts on “Ideas?

  1. There,Chloe here ‘gain. I am check on this awesome blog! Well there’s nothing comes up my mind instead of chocolate! Well,I can’t come up with any food or special stuff with “chocolate” as base:) but anyway, how about well-decorated and yummy chocolate cake?
    Just ignore this. It’s all sorts of bored stuffs.

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